Peony roses

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2020 season now closed! Our peony season runs early/mid-October til the end of November - Wairarapa rains and frosts and sunshine willing! Sign up to our newsletter to find out when our 2021 season begins.


Gumboots & gumption.

Louise, established Ponatahi Peonies in 2002. After much research, soil testing, local help, aroha, and conversations with the weather gods, she turned a field in the Wairarapa into a rich paddock full of the most gorgeous and vibrant peonies that you'll ever see. We continue to bring these blooms to other peony lovers through local deliveries and our gate sales.


Coral Charm

Operatic, dramatic and blousy. She moves from pink to apricot through to pale yellow.

Peony particulars...

Everything You Need to Know

Where can I find you?

When the season is on, and our flag is flying at 636 Ponatahi Road, you can come chose your blooms from the chiller. We also do local deliveries around Wairarapa and Wellington when possible, and can organise a courier for big orders further afield. Sign up to our newsletter below so we can email you when the next season is about to begin!

How long do the blooms last?

As our peonies are cut fresh from the field when still in bud, they can last up to a week or more. The cooler the room you pop them in, the longer they will last; the warmer the room, they will come out to party faster!

Can I pick my own?

It's a bit of an art, and the peony field a sacred zone, so we like to do it for you. But you can look out over the field when you choose your blooms from the chiller.


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